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Transition Matrix (Chart 1)

Transition Planning Assessment Areas:Application for Postsecondary Areas of:
Living LearningWorking
Interests and Preferences for Postsecondary Expectations Community Living Preferences

Cell 1
Formal education with licensure, certification, or degree

Informal education

Cell 2
Work Style Options

Career Options

Cell 3
Basic Skills for Postsecondary Expectations Home and Community Living Skills

Cell 4
Literacy/communication (math, reading, writing) skills (computer literacy)

Cell 5
Core workplace skills (general employability)

Cell 6
Attitudes/Habits/Self-Awareness for Postsecondary Expectations Personal Organization Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Intrapersonal Skills

Cell 7
Study/test-taking behaviors

Personal learning characteristics/learning styles

Cell 8
Work Ethics/Values

Use of Self Advocacy Skills

Cell 9
Critical Thinking/Application Skills for Postsecondary Expectations Decision-making Skills

Personal Life Choices

Cell 10
Application of knowledge to real life (known and unpredictable situations)

Cell 11
Ability to adapt to new tasks/jobs

Ability to problem solve on the job

Job specific/technical skills

Cell 12